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University of Wales, Aberystwyth UK

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University of Wales, Aberystwyth UK (http://www.wales.ac.uk/en/Home.aspx)

40University of Wales, Aberystwyth UK

The Biosciences, Environment and Agriculture Alliance (BEAA) is a strategic partnership between Aberystwyth and Bangor universities (Wales, UK) and the Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council (BBSRC). It is the largest multi-disciplinary bio-environmental grouping in the UK. The BEAA objective is to deliver research excellence in four key areas:

-Biosciences and genomics – for biotechnologies, biomedical applications, plant and animal breeding

-Biorenewables – providing new viable bio-products and biofuels

-Animal Science – delivering improved quality and reduced greenhouse emissions

-Earth and Ecosystem Science – informing how we can mitigate against and adapt to climate change.


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