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University of Abertay Dundee UK

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University of Abertay Dundee UK (http://www.abertay.ac.uk/)

46University of Dundee UK

In this university the students can:

  • Develop a personalized course syllabus by choosing optional modules, and by selecting subjects within some modules
  • Structur program of case studies and visits to research laboratories in institutes and companies in the biotechnology sector
  • Have opportunity to undertake a five-month research project in a ‘world-class’ institute, company or university laboratory

Biotechnology is designed for bioscience graduates who wish to further their careers in biotechnology by extending their current qualifications and experience.  The one-year course involves two semesters of taught modules followed by a semester of project work.

The course modules include theoretical, practical and applied elements of biotechnology and provide the opportunity for students to specialize in areas such as plant, animal (including human), and microbial biotechnology.

Students may select one of two optional project structures.

The first, for those who wish to use the MSc award as a stepping stone to a research career, involves a specialized research project, often taken in a research institute or biotechnology company.

The second which is recommended for students who wish to maximize their potential for employment or further study, is for practical investigative skills encompassing a broad range of cellular and molecular biological, analytical and data processing systems, and

After successful completion of the component (i.e. Postgraduate Diploma), student would be eligible for the award of Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) Biotechnology.


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