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Université de Genève Switzerland

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Université de Genève Switzerland (http://www.unige.ch/)

39Université de Genève Switzerland



The Doctoral Program in Biotechnology and Bioengineering (EDBB) in this university aims at providing doctoral students with the education necessary to be leaders in the fast-growing industrial and academic biotechnology and bioengineering sectors, such as depth of knowledge and competence in their specific research area as well as a breadth of knowledge in biology, bioengineering and biotechnology.
The combination of coursework, laboratory based research, in-house seminars, and national and international conferences, etc. will form the basis of this education.
These program themes include:


  • genomics and proteomics
  • biomolecular engineering and biomaterials
  • stem cell biotechnology
  • cell and process engineering
  • biochemical engineering
  • orthopaedic engineering
  • biomechanics, mechanobiology
  • cell biophysics
  • computational biology
  • biomedical imaging, as well as
  • molecular, cell and tissue engineering

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