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Michigan State University

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Michigan State University (http://www.msu.edu/)

29Michigan State University USA

This university offers Biotechnology courses in Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology (PBGB). The PBGB program offers variety of course works. Different classes are available to PBGB students, who will choose the appropriate coursework based on their research interests.

Biotechnology Applications for Plant Breeding and Genetics

Advanced Plant Breeding

Plant Reproductive Biology and Polyploidy

Statistics for Biologists

Advanced Statistics for Biologists

Plant Breeding and Genetics Seminar

Courses required for a PhD in addition to MS courses:

Plant Molecular Biology

Plant Breeding and Genetics Seminar

Additional courses clustered by topic area:

Plant Breeding

Plant Breeding and Biotechnology

Biotechnology in Agriculture: Applications and Ethical Issues

Selected Topics in Plant Breeding and Genetics



Historical Geography of Crop Plants

Evolutionary Biology

Evolution: Principles and Techniques

Quantitative Genetics in Plant Breeding

Population Genetics, Genealogy and Genomics

Techniques for Analyzing Unbalance Research Data

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology

Metabolic Regulation & Signal Transduction

Protein Structure and Function

Selected Topics in Biochemistry I

Microbial Genetics

Eucaryotic Molecular Genetics

Physiology, Development & Anatomy

Plant Physiology: Growth, Development and the Environment

Plant Structure and Function

Plant Mineral Nutrition

Environmental Plant Physiology

Plant Growth and Development

Cellular and Cytology

Cell Structure and Function

Techniques in Cytogenetics


Fundamentals of Entomology

Plant Pathology

Plant Virology

Molecular and Biochemical Plant Pathology

Plant Diseases in the Field

Molecular Entomology

Nematode Management in Crop Systems


Nature and Practice of Science

Writing in the Sciences

Teaching College Science


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