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McGill University, Montreal Canada

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McGill University, Montreal Canada (http://www.mcgill.ca/)

31McGill University, Montreal Canada

McGill University contributes to the advances and has responded to the needs for advanced training in biotechnology by developing graduate programs. The Master’s (Applied) is a non-thesis program and is usually course-based. Thesis Master’s programs are research oriented. Although the Master’s (Applied) has a small research project component, it is mainly course and laboratory based. Both types lead to PhD programs.

The Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology is a short graduate training program which is interested for the students wishing to have better understanding of the world of biotechnology in general and to improve their skills in molecular and cellular biology techniques.

The Master of Science (Applied) program is a non-thesis program offering an exciting alternative to traditional Thesis programs. The training is course- and laboratory-based, and includes an internship in a research laboratory.

These programs are administered by the Institute of Parasitology.

Different types of job opportunities available after completing the programs.


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