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Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland USA

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Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland USA (http://www.case.edu/)

26Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland USA

The Department of Biology in this university provides extensive training for undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, they provide strong programs in such areas as Animal Behavior, Biochemistry, Cell and Developmental Biology, Computational Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, Physiology, and Plant Biotechnology.

Entrepreneurial Biotechnology (EB) is a two-year professional MS in Biology which is offered by this Department in collaboration with the “Case School of Medicine”, which currently ranks 12th among the nation’s 122 medical schools in NIH research funding. Students can study practical business, state-of-the-art biotechnology and technology innovation while they can work on a real project with an existing company as well. This program helps the students to connect with mentors, advisors, partners, funding sources and wonderful job opportunities.


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