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Yale University, New Haven USA

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Yale University, New Haven USA (http://www.yale.edu/)

11Yale University, New Haven USA

In the school of medicine a Biotechnology Resource Laboratory has been established. It is organized into three genomic, three proteomic and three multi-disciplinary Resources. The Protein Chemistry Resource is composed of four sections that offer Amino Acid Analysis, Protein/Peptide (Edman) Sequencing, Small Scale (Fmoc) and Large Scale (tBoc) Peptide Synthesis. The nine Keck Resources provide a wide range of syntheses and analyses that include gene expression and SNP genotyping using microarray and bead technologies, oligo and peptide synthesis, DNA and protein sequencing, biophysical analysis of proteins and other biopolymers, biostatistical and bioinformatics analyses, mass spectrometry (MS), protein profiling, and high performance computing.


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