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Stanford University USA

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Stanford University USA (http://www.stanford.edu/)

12Stanford University USA

The BMI Training Program, offers doctoral and a variety of masters and bachelors programs. Stanford also offers several non-degree programs for students who need to stay current with the field.

Biotechnology research within Biotechnology research includes

  • Biosynthetic engineering of natural product polyketides
  • Investigation of drug therapeutic strategies for Celiac Sprue
  • Modeling the biophysical processes involving DNA, such as chromatin packaging and transcriptional regulation
  • Manipulating mammalian cells to understand how gene networks and expression dynamics affect genome instability, cancer, and aging
  • Develop and use imaging and force transduction technology to investigate motor and cytoskeletal proteins at the single-molecule level
  • Molecular engineering of chloroethene degradation by reductive dehalogenation
  • Cell-free synthesis of complex proteins
  • Design of organic semiconductors that can sense chemical and biological species
  • Developing broadly protective virus-like particle based influenza vaccines

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