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University of Tokyo Japan

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University of Tokyo Japan (http://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/en/)

2Uni Tokyo

In this university I the school of Bioscience and Biotechnology 4 Courses in Bioscience and Biotechnology are presented: -Biotechnology Course In this course the students learn how to apply for biotechnology by gaining basic knowledge through materials of this course which include medicine based on genetics, protein-based biosensors, and chemicals for household use made by enzymatic processing. -Environmental Biotechnology Course This course gives you the idea that Biotechnology can not only suggest solutions for the environmental problems, but also presents great potential for bringing new values to our daily life. Students learn how to control biological power to benefit human life. -Advanced Food Course For the bias of the society to get aged there is increased interest in highly functional food, or food specified for special health use. Students learn how to enhance the value of food for humans from a health point of view. -Advanced Cosmetics Course For the tendency of people to keep the skin young and healthy, the study of genetics and chemical reactions inside biological cells has led to the development of advanced cosmetics. Students in this high-level college course learn how to apply bioscience to cosmetics.


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