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University College London

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University College London (http://www.lon.ac.uk/)

3Uni London

This university offers Information on Biotechnology at Bsc level

With the knowledge of Biotechnology students can use the advances of understanding biochemistry for beneficial use in industry, medicine and agriculture. In the period of The course the students should pass these syllabuses:

Introduction to Biochemical Engineering, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology A, Introduction to Microbiology, Chemistry for Biologists, Basics for Molecular Biosciences, The Principles and Practice of Experimental Biochemistry, Cell Physiology and Developmental Biology, Introduction to Bioprocess Design Principles, Evaluation and Planning of Business Opportunities in Bio-processing and Life Sciences, Molecular Biology, Bimolecular Structure and Function, Downstream Processing, Cell Biology, Research Project Foundations and some additional courses: Bioprocess Design Study, Advanced Bioreactor Engineering Plus, Research Project in Biotechnology and Literature Review Plus courses from a wide range of options.



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